Why Use the Chip Flinger System

Technology exists to enhance chip-car loading, only the BCI Chip Flinger has the most load-gain potential and can be controlled (or throttled) so as to NOT overload chip cars while still achieving "stencil-rated" payloads.

Maximum percentage gains
Here is a comparison of the percentage minimum and maximum gains using the six studied enhancement methods. The third bar from the right is not a method, but depicts the amount of available (or permissible) loading gain for a typical car from winter to summer.

Clearly, only the Whirley Wizard and the Chip Flinger have the capability to utilize the total load-capacity of practically all chip cars.

Many of these methods can be, and have been, combined for payload gains on chip cars. But it bears repeating that any system wanting to consistently load cars to optimum payload needs to include the BCI Chip Flinger system.